What is the difference between round posts, dowelled posts and peeler cores?

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A round post will vary in it’s diameter. For example, 5-6” x 8’. It is rougher in appearance than a dowelled post and can have some taper to it. If there is taper, the top of the post will be closer to 5” and the base will be closer to 6”. A dowelled post has been turned in a milling machine. This process provides some uniformity to the diameter, for example 5” x 8’, and also provides for a smoother, more cosmetically appealing post. In both cases, our round and dowelled posts are made of Lodgepole Pine and have been treated 0.40 CCA. On the other hand, a true peeler core, a commonly used reference for all round pressure treated posts, is completely different in quality. A peeler core has been turned in a milling machine to the point that all the soft wood has been removed (for plywood manufacturing), leaving the hardwood core. The hardwood core does not absorb the pressure treatment nearly as well as the softwood resulting in an inferior post that will not last as long as a post with treated softwood.