H-20 Cattle Guard


If a gate or multiple gates won’t serve your needs, then a cattle guard is a great alternative. We manufacture our cattle guards to the highest and strongest standards. Using only new steel and not reclaimed steel, we make two standard models depending on the anticipated loads. All guards are painted black.

Our H-20 Cattle Guard is rated at 16 tons per axle. This guard is by far our most popular and meets virtually all agency load-rating requirements. These guards extend 8’ down the road and we make them in standard 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’ widths. Custom sizes are available. Wings and clean-outs are available options.

Custom sizes are available. Wings are available options and should be ordered seperately. All guards are built to order.

Concrete footings per recommended installation are required to achieve load ratings for all guards.

down the road x road width