About Us

Founded in 1974, operations sprung from a Sonoma County ranch and was known as Martin Ranch Supply. Seeing a local need for quality equipment, Martin Ranch Supply began production of gates and panels.  Over the years, additional products were added to the line including covered corrals, shelters and barns, stall doors and grilles, stall fronts, cattle guards and smaller items such as bridle racks, saddle racks and other barn accessories.  As the company grew, operations were moved from the Martin ranch to the first commercial location in Rohnert Park. The company continued to grow and with it came the need for more space. Martin Ranch Supply grew to occupy two locations. The retail store was comprised of a 10,000 square foot showroom, warehouse space and 2.5 acre storage yard. The production facility is located in a second building, conveniently just a couple blocks from the retail location.  New departments were added to the already robust inventory including clothing, apparel, tack, horse and livestock trailers, and many other items.

In December of 2020, the retail aspect of the business was acquired by Wilco, an Oregon based farmer owned coop.  Wilco opened their 22nd farm store in Petaluma featuring many of our products in their inventory.  When asked about the sale, Lyle Smith said, “As discussions evolved, it became apparent that Wilco and Martin Ranch Supply share a customer service and community centric approach.  Their desire to further the Martin Ranch Supply legacy and feature products that we will continue to manufacture locally under the name of Martin Ranch Mfg. only demonstrates their commitment to quality and community.  Knowing our customers’ needs will be fully addressed with greater choices and availability, we will be able to focus even more on the core business that is at the root of our 46-year-old journey.”

The staff at Martin Ranch Mfg. offers a tremendous amount of industry expertise.  Much of our time is spent consulting with customers and designing solutions to every day challenges.  There are a few fundamental principles to which we adhere.  First and foremost, we are completely devoted to supreme customer satisfaction.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs and consider it a privilege.  Each and every time.

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